Unforgettable flash mob wedding proposal!

After a long hiatus I’m back and blogging again!  So where have I been?  Well a lot has happened in the last 7 months.  I’m engaged and have been busy planning my wedding (long distance, I live in Sault Se. Marie and the wedding is 25 minutes north of Toronto).  I have a pet that I will tell you more about later, I’ve been busy at work and also volunteering with Ignite Sault.  Things are good though.  I’m loving life and ready to start blogging again!

First off, I have to share this video.  I know it’s been out for a few days now but I just love it.  I love flash mobs and I love proposals, so what better way to propose than with a flash mob wedding proposal?  My proposal was quite the opposite (private, casual and perfect for me, even if the first words out of my mouth were “Are you serious?”).

In the flash mob proposal the unsuspecting bride is with her soon to be groom in Washington Square Park in New York City.  A group of dancers start dancing around them (set to music) and soon he proposes!  I love the dance routine after she accepts.

Watch it here:

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