Are we there yet?

My friend Kristen is preparing to go to Australia for a month and she is so excited.  I love Australia and would return in a heartbeat.  In preparation for her trip I’ve been giving her tips and hints on what to do, where to stay and just general knowledge that will come in handy (what is a flat white?  how to avoid magpie attacks? and other bits of information I picked up from my time in Oz).

In doing so, I’ve started to reminisce about my time in Australia.  It was truly one of the best life experiences I’ve ever had and made me the person I am today.  I know that Australia is as far away from Canada as you can get but still practically be in Canada (very similar cultures, same language etc) but the trip was incredible none the less.  During my time there I camped in the most unlikely places (caves, on the largest sand island in the world Fraser Island, on a hill in the desert etc).  I was caught peeing while camping by a dingo and lived to tell the tale (fortunately there was only one and although it followed me back to my tent it didn’t pursue!).  I met the most incredible people, many Canadians, many Germans and more!

In October we held the second Ignite Sault event and I participated as a speaker.  I gave a talk on one of the most amazing experiences of my life; my road trip through the Australian Outback.

You can see it here:

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