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Not on Ticket to Ride but still fabulous

So the destination for my bachelorette ended up not being anywhere on the Ticket to Ride board.  My friends took me to (drum roll please) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! It was amazing and I feel so lucky to have such great friends!  I will update more on it soon.

Where am I going?

My friends and I have a tradition where we take the bride on a surprise trip for her bachelorette.  The bride knows when it is and for how long, but other than that she has no details (where, what to pack, what they’ll be doing etc).  It’s a really nice tradition, a great way to … Continue reading

Poor neglected blog

Poor neglected blog. When people hear that I have a blog I always say “I have many unpublished drafts.” It’s been a busy few weeks. I went to 3 weddings (2 in the same weekend in different cities), got stranded at the airport in TO (flight was cancelled), went camping for my birthday and I’ve … Continue reading

In celebration of wedding season!

It’s wedding season!  What a beautiful time of year! This summer we’re lucky to be attending  3 weddings  (6 total for 2009).  I love weddings, and have been sharing in the joy of wedding planning with some of my friends (either hearing about it, talking about or helping out when possible).  It’s very exciting to … Continue reading