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Return to the Berger Pit – Berger Pit Fun Run 5k, 2013

The Berger Pit Fun Run at Kristen’s family’s camp was the first 5k I ever ran. In July 2013 I was excited to return and bring Dan with me. It was a blazing hot day and very different from the last time I had run it. It was a smaller group, but still fun. Dan … Continue reading

May Madness

Wow! Where did May go? The last month has been pretty busy and it looks like I have a summer full of adventures with good friends and good food ahead of me. The biggest news that I have from the month of May is that I took the plunge and signed up for my first … Continue reading

Project management, team building & April Fools’

April Fools’ Day is an excellent chance to participate in some fun team building activities.  When I worked in Sault Ste. Marie we took this opportunity on more than one occasion (and not always on April 1).  Here’s why it’s such a great team building activity: Each person must be able to work effectively as … Continue reading

Are we there yet?

My friend Kristen is preparing to go to Australia for a month and she is so excited.  I love Australia and would return in a heartbeat.  In preparation for her trip I’ve been giving her tips and hints on what to do, where to stay and just general knowledge that will come in handy (what … Continue reading

The Wooden Sky and Elliott Brood

On Sunday Marla and I went to LopLops where we saw The Wooden Sky and Elliott Brood perform.  They were amazing!  I love live music and both bands exuded performance, talent and good music, things that are extremely important, especially for someone like me who wasn’t as familiar with their music.  I came away from … Continue reading

Olive/Hugo Hybrids Coming Soon!

Remember Olive? She’s expecting!  Marla’s sister Vanessa adopted Hugo (also a teacup Chihuahua) a while back.  She was waiting until he was 9 months old to get him neutered since he had an extra set of teeth that also needed pulling.  This way he could get it all taken care of at once.  Everyone thought … Continue reading

Tyler Yuke Memorial Open Mic Night

This post has been saved as a draft forever!  The only thing holding me back was adding the pictures.  I finally got around to it today….so here it is! Back in March we attended the Tyler Yuke Memorial Open Mic Night at The Outback (Sault College).  Greg won the Tyler Yuke Memorial Bursary this year, … Continue reading

Visitors from home

During the first weekend in March we had visitors from the GTA.  Our close friends Serena and Neil drove up to the Soo for a whirlwind visit.  It wasn’t a long weekend, they couldn’t take time off for the visit so it was a very short time for such a long drive and we really … Continue reading