Where am I going?

My friends and I have a tradition where we take the bride on a surprise trip for her bachelorette.  The bride knows when it is and for how long, but other than that she has no details (where, what to pack, what they’ll be doing etc).  It’s a really nice tradition, a great way to get a much needed  girls only long weekend in and a great way to celebrate the upcoming nuptials.  The last fling before the ring as they say!

In 2008 we took the bride to Miami. The beginning of a beautiful tradition.

Anyway, this year it’s my turn.  Tomorrow I head out to Detroit (stopping to shop along the way at the outlets in Birch Run! I can’t wait) and on Thursday all of the girls meet in Detroit and that’s when they’ll disclose the location to me!  Our running joke is that we’re going to Flint (where I infamously spent the night with my friends after a backwards road trip.  It’s a long story), Longlac (where my university roommate is now living.  I’ve actually been there and it was fun!) or Saskatoon (where my maid of honour lived for 4 years.  She just moved to NYC).

In 2009 we surprised the bride with a trip to Orlando.

In the last two years we’ve gone to Florida (Miami in 2008 and Orlando in 2009).  So far my top guesses are San Francisco, LA, New Orleans or Las Vegas.  I’m sure I’m way off, especially since my guesses came after staring at the Ticket to Ride board (my favourite board game).

Part of the Ticket to Ride board. My inspiration for generating ideas as to where the girls are taking me!

So where am I going?  I’ll know on Thursday!

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