Olive the other reindeer…

Marla has a beautiful teacup chihuahua named Olive who I absolutely adore. Olive is one of those dogs who knows for certain she is a dog. She hates clothes and only wears them when it is absolutely necessary (and believe me, it is necessary in the cold sometimes in Sault Ste. Marie!). As the holidays have been approaching I’ve been calling Olive “Olive the other reindeer”. Very original I know. Whenever I say it she just kind of looks at me as if she is rolling her eyes. So for Christmas, Marla very briefly dressed Olive in a reindeer outfit and took a picture. She then used the picture to make her Christmas cards! Voila, Olive the other reindeer!

Olive the other reindeer...

Olive the other reindeer...

One thought on “Olive the other reindeer…

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