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Project management, team building & April Fools’

April Fools’ Day is an excellent chance to participate in some fun team building activities.  When I worked in Sault Ste. Marie we took this opportunity on more than one occasion (and not always on April 1).  Here’s why it’s such a great team building activity: Each person must be able to work effectively as … Continue reading


Olive and Hugo had their puppies on Sunday!  Four of them!  Three girls, one boy.  Everybody was very excited.  They’re 2.5 ounces each and one of them is 3 ounces.  They’re about the size of an iPod nano or a nailpolish bottle.  They could fit into my pocket. Olive is a very good mother.  She … Continue reading

The Wooden Sky and Elliott Brood

On Sunday Marla and I went to LopLops where we saw The Wooden Sky and Elliott Brood perform.  They were amazing!  I love live music and both bands exuded performance, talent and good music, things that are extremely important, especially for someone like me who wasn’t as familiar with their music.  I came away from … Continue reading

Olive the other reindeer…

Marla has a beautiful teacup chihuahua named Olive who I absolutely adore. Olive is one of those dogs who knows for certain she is a dog. She hates clothes and only wears them when it is absolutely necessary (and believe me, it is necessary in the cold sometimes in Sault Ste. Marie!). As the holidays … Continue reading