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Olive and Hugo had their puppies on Sunday!  Four of them!  Three girls, one boy.  Everybody was very excited.  They’re 2.5 ounces each and one of them is 3 ounces.  They’re about the size of an iPod nano or a nailpolish bottle.  They could fit into my pocket. Olive is a very good mother.  She … Continue reading

Olive/Hugo Hybrids Coming Soon!

Remember Olive? She’s expecting!  Marla’s sister Vanessa adopted Hugo (also a teacup Chihuahua) a while back.  She was waiting until he was 9 months old to get him neutered since he had an extra set of teeth that also needed pulling.  This way he could get it all taken care of at once.  Everyone thought … Continue reading

Olive the other reindeer…

Marla has a beautiful teacup chihuahua named Olive who I absolutely adore. Olive is one of those dogs who knows for certain she is a dog. She hates clothes and only wears them when it is absolutely necessary (and believe me, it is necessary in the cold sometimes in Sault Ste. Marie!). As the holidays … Continue reading