In celebration of wedding season!

It’s wedding season!  What a beautiful time of year!

This summer we’re lucky to be attending  3 weddings  (6 total for 2009).  I love weddings, and have been sharing in the joy of wedding planning with some of my friends (either hearing about it, talking about or helping out when possible).  It’s very exciting to me to see two people come together like that in front of family and friends.

The other day, Lindsay showed me this story on The Toronto Star’s website.  A couple in Minnesota along with their wedding party and ushers danced a choreographed dance to Chris Brown’s Forever down the aisle (to the surprise of their guests).  I’ve never seen anything like it and I think it was very well done.  They put the video on YouTube to share with their family and friends and before they knew it, they had over 2 million hits!

Also, while searching for something totally unrelated I stumbled upon this Best Man Fail.  It’s an old one, but still pretty hilarious.  Good thing none of the weddings we’re going to involve ponds!

I have 2 weddings next weekend.  I can’t wait!

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