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Reindeer Games return – Santa Shuffle 5k, 2015 Race Recap

Reindeer Games return – Santa Shuffle 5k, 2015 Race Recap

Merry Christmas! I’ve been trying to finish my race recaps before the end of the year. In honour of Christmas, I wanted to recap my second last race of 2015. A few weeks ago, Dan, Jen and I ran the Santa Shuffle 5k in Sunnybrook Park. The last time we ran this 5k, Jen and … Continue reading

Running through the polar vortex

I know I live in Canada and should be used to the cold weather, but it’s definitely been one of the colder winters in recent memory. Sometimes when I go outside and it’s -30 I have a slight flashback to when I lived in Sault Ste. Marie in northern Ontario. I thought one of the … Continue reading

Reindeer Games – Santa Shuffle 5k, 2012

Happy Christmas Eve! According to the Santa Tracker, Santa is making his way around the world right now so I thought I’d take this time to recap the Santa Shuffle 5k that we ran last year. It was on Dec. 1 and Dan and I, along with our friend Jen, formed a team called Reindeer … Continue reading

Loss and Inspiration

On Thursday, I was saddened to learn of the death of Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke.  I’d been following the story closely since news of her training accident in Utah on Jan. 10.  While I don’t regularly follow skiing and had honestly never heard of her, something about her story struck a chord with me. … Continue reading

Revisiting Rick Mercer's rant on Weather

When I lived in Australia, their weather reports completely confounded me. I remember one week the weather was “Fine” every single day. What does “Fine” mean anyway? I didn’t understand (if it was going to rain it would say “Rain”). That’s when I first became conscious of how weather obsessed Canadians are (myself included). We … Continue reading