Signs of Spring

It’s March already which means Spring (in Canada anyway) is just around the corner. The first day of Spring is March 20 and even though it’s -30 there is a sure sign of the beginnings of spring.

A sure sign of spring...Roll Up the Rim at Tim Hortons is here!

A sure sign of spring...Roll Up the Rim at Tim Hortons is here!

Roll Up the Rim fever has hit! Tim Hortons’ annual Roll Up the Rim. I’ve already had 6 coffees and rolled up the rim to lose. That’s right, I’m 0 for 6. I know somebody who is 0 for 11!

To the uninitiated, Roll Up the Rim is by Canada’s beloved Tim Hortons (coffee shop, but they serve so much more than coffee) and usually starts about a month before Spring. When you buy a medium, large or extra large drink (coffee, tea etc it comes in a special cup. When you finish drinking it you can roll up the rim and reveal your prize! Prizes vary from free donuts, cookies, coffees to a new car, a new laptop, a $100 Tims card and more.

I remember in University I used to win on what felt like every other coffee. I would save up all of my coffee winnings (donuts, free coffees, free cookies etc) and in April I would cash them all in and have a feast. It was great because that was exam time. I’m wondering now are there less winning cups? Or am I that unlucky?

In either case I’m glad to see the return of Roll Up the Rim because it means that spring is on its way! And I will keep playing…maybe soon I’ll win that car!

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