Waking Up Hannah

Throughout the month of October I’ve been seeing ads on TV plugging Dove’s new Waking Up Hannah campaign. I’ve also seen a plug for it on Facebook. It was advertised as an interactive romantic comedy where you get to choose what happens next (kind of like a choose your own adventure with Dove products). Curiosity finally got the better of me so I went to check it out. So far I haven’t been able to get through an entire adventure. The ad campaign is aimed at people like me (ladies in their twenties), but probably not for somebody as impatient as me. I’ll probably take a look later this week.

From the Waking Up Hannah Dove campaign.  Photo from Marketing Mag.

From the Waking Up Hannah Dove campaign. Photo from Marketing Mag.

Dove’s new ad by Unilever (The same people who made Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty ads) and Ogilvy Toronto is meant to help girls in their twenties who are suffering from societal pressures gain a “fresh perspective” on their lives.

Marketing Mag recently ran an article on the campaign where Barbara Owens, brand building manager for Dove skin cleansing explained what the ad was about: “Girls in their 20s are often dealing with a lot of pressure and forget how beautiful and amazing their lives really are… It’s really about helping [them] wake up and get a fresh perspective on what’s going on.”

Hmm…I’m going to have to see if this interactive soap opera really will help bring me a fresh perspective on my life while experiencing an array of Dove’s products! In either case, the campaign looks very expensive. I wonder what the response has been like for it and if they’re getting a good ROI.

I will have to report back later on what I think of the full ad. Stay tuned.

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