I’ve been meaning to blog a little bit more about my life in SSM so that my friends can kind of see what we’ve been up to since the move. At the end of October we managed to visit Farmer Bob’s corn maze before it closed for the season. I was super excited and I must say, the corn maze did not disappoint! It’s funny, there’s a corn maze in my home town (a pretty big one too) and I never bothered to visit it when I lived there.

We opted to go at night (flashlights mandatory) to add to the corn maze experience. I’ll have to see, next year we’re going to go earlier in the year when it isn’t as cold, and also when most of the maze hasn’t been trampled. There were areas where we could see right through the maze “walls”. Because it was night though we still had trouble getting out of it.

The boys wanted to race us so they went into one entrance and Linds and I went through the other. We managed to get to all 8 check in points (to stamp our maps as proof that we’d been there) in no time at all. But then we ran into trouble trying to get back out! We kept finding checkpoints 7 and 8 over and over and over again. We heard the boys scream “I’m done!” as they charged out of the maze and after some frantic wandering (along with hearing a goat in the farm nearby) we made it out of the maze, to find the boys crouched in the dark waiting to scare us! It was good. We’ll go again next year when it’s warmer (MUCH warmer).

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