Chocolate & Watermelon

Dan and I are settling in nicely to SSM. In the 3 weeks that we’ve been here we have:

  • found a place to live (effective Oct 1)
  • signed up for ballroom dance lessons
  • gone to our first hounds game
  • watched our favourite touch football team win their first game

It has been good so far and I am enjoying having the time to do all of the things that I want. Instead of coming home at 8pm after a long day of work and longer commute, I’m now home a little after 5. Our friends have been kind enough to open their home to us, and we have just begun rotating cooking dinner. Tomorrow is my night and fried rice is in the works…I hope I do well!

I have a new cell phone and a new local number! How exciting. I managed to snag a LG Chocolate for only $20 on a 1 year contract! The lady at Bell explained to me that the phone was very popular when it first came out, but also very breakable. I promised I would be careful with it (who wouldn’t be able to pass up a good deal like that!).

Tonight Dan and I had some watermelon. I love watermelon with a passion. It’s so refreshing and pink and always reminds me of lazy summer days, picnics and my dad (who is equally passionate about watermelon). When I was in Australia I ate watermelon every day, making it feel like a truly endless summer.

Eating watermelon here however, does not make me feel that it is summer! The temperature is slowly dropping and soon it will be fall. I love fall though.

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