Around the Blog a few times…

I’m finally blogging again! How exciting. I just wanted a place to chronicle my “adventures” and write on a few thoughts.

This isn’t my first time blogging. I had a blog once when I was 18 (which went on for over 5 years). The problem I had was that I was a lot younger then, and not very good at self censorship. This time around it will be different. More insight on food, less drama.

I’ve wanted to blog again since going to Australia. I lived there for 6 months and it really opened my eyes to different cultures and just how much I love Canada. So here we go, having just moved from Toronto to SSM I have a whole new city to explore. I would also like to chronicle this past summer in Toronto. As my good friend Alia said, it was a “legendary summer”.

So here we go!

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