Christmas in Hong Kong Disneyland

Merry Christmas! I wanted to share another fun Christmas travel memory. Back in 2012 Dan and I were lucky enough to spend Christmas in Hong Kong. I had spent Christmas in Hong Kong when I was 14 but don’t really remember it. Christmas day is one of the biggest shopping days in Hong Kong where there are major sales and deals galore. Instead of hitting the malls we decided to spend a day in Hong Kong Disneyland! We were pretty spoiled in 2012 and Hong Kong Disneyland was our third Disney park that year (we ran half marathons in Disney World and Disneyland earlier that year).

Mei in Hong Kong Disneyland

Me outside Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Hong Kong Disneyland

After a quick breakfast we took the MTR to Hong Kong Disneyland. They’re located on Lantau Island and the MTR is a convenient way to get there. They have their own line from Sunny Bay Station that takes you to the Disneyland stop. The trains on this line are all decked out in Mickey and other Disney memorabilia. You can feel the magic the moment you step onto the train.

Mickey MRT train in HK

Mickey themed everything on the MRT. It was exciting!

I love Disney and even though I knew that this Disneyland wasn’t as spectacular as the others (in terms of rides and attractions) I still wanted to go. I especially love Disney at Christmas time. The park was decorated and we could feel the spirit of Christmas. We spent the day going on rides (marvelling at the short line ups), watching parades and eating fun Mickey shaped food.

Mickey themed christmas decorations

Mickey themed Christmas decorations.

Christmas decorations on Main Street in HK Disneyland

Christmas decorations on Main Street in HK Disneyland. I love it!

Parade in HK Disneyland

A parade. One of the advantages to HK Disneyland is there are a lot less people. Less people means less crowds so we had a good view of the parade.

Mickey shaped food

Fun food and Mickey shaped food. Yum!

One of the highlights for me was scoring over a million points on the Buzz Lightyear ride, which is also my absolute favourite ride at any Disney theme park. Hong Kong Disneyland was definitely built with an Asian audience in mind. There were numerous opportunities to take our photos with princesses and other Disney characters. While the rides weren’t as thrilling as the ones at Disneyland and Disney World, they were still fun. One major difference is the Toy Story area in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Buzz Lightyear Ride points

My awesome score on the Buzz Lightyear ride. I scored over a million points so it couldn’t go any higher!

Toy Story Land in HK Disneyland

Toy Story Land

As the day neared the end we wandered over to the nearby Disneyland Hotel to see if it was possible to get in for a set Christmas dinner at Walt’s Cafe. The staff was very attentive and promptly led us to a table. There was a festive atmosphere in Walt’s Cafe and they even provided us with New Year’s Eve hats and party favours. It was a lot of fun.

Dan and Mei dressed up for Christmas dinner at Walt's Cafe

Dan and I dressed up for Christmas dinner at Walt’s Cafe.

For dinner we had Boston Lobster Salad with Lemon and Capes Vinaigrette, Pumpkin Soup with toasted pumpkin seed, Roasted Christmas Turkey and Honey Glazed Gammon Ham with Cranberry sauce stuffed with sautéed brussel sprouts, baby carrot and chestnut, Crispy chocolate and mango mousse in Santa’s sleigh. Everything was delicious.

Christmas dinner at Walt's Cafe.

Delicious Christmas dinner.

With our bellies full we walked back over to the mtr station and headed back to Hong Kong Island. Overall it was a fun and memorable Christmas.

Dan and Mei in Hong Kong Disneyland

Dan and I having fun in Hong Kong Disneyland.

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