The happiest place on earth! – Disneyland Half Marathon Trip, Part 4

With Walt and Mickey in Disneyland

You know we had to take this picture with Walt and Mickey in Disneyland. Especially since I had the ears.

After running the half marathon we were starving so we went back to the hotel and showered and changed. The first thing we did after that was walk over to IHOP for food. I’d never been to an IHOP before so I was excited. I couldn’t decide if I wanted breakfast or lunch, so I went with lunch (we were too late for the breakfast menu).


Dan at IHOP. We were starving.

My food at IHOP

My lunch at IHOP. All I was craving was fresh fruit.

After we ate we went to Disneyland. It was roasting hot that day but I insisted on wearing my “I did it” shirt. I was so proud but I didn’t want to walk around with my medals on like some people do. Mostly because they get heavy and I didn’t want to worry about them on the rides. Dan didn’t wear any Disney clothes so people kept congratulating me and asking me about the half. Finally Dan said he wished he’d worn something because he wanted acknowledgement that he ran it too!

Main Street USA

It seemed much busier on Main Street USA when we weren’t running through it.

with Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Us in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is so beautiful. It’s a lot smaller than Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World but you can actually go into Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Inside is an interactive diorama of the Sleeping Beauty story.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Inside Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Inside Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

On the other side of the castle is Snow White’s wishing well (just like in Disney World).

with Snow White's wishing well

Make a wish! Standing with Snow White’s wishing well.

We went to Tomorrowland and on Space Mountain. This is always a favourite ride. It feels faster and newer in Disney World but we still had fun on this one.

Entering Tomorrowland

Entering Tomorrowland!

Dan outside the entrance to space mountain

Space Mountain is always a must in any Disney theme park.

Space Mountain ride picture

For some reason everybody looks scared or surprised in the Space Mountain ride picture.

In Tomorrowland we also went on what would become my favourite ride in any Disney Park – Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. I love this ride! You get to help Buzz Lightyear shoot aliens!

with Buzz Lightyear

With my new hero Buzz Lightyear.

Buzz Lightyear ride picture with high scores

I loved this ride and I beat Dan!

We also went on Splash Mountain. It’s not as high as the one in Disney World but the animatronics are still good. I was glad it wasn’t as high because there aren’t any seatbelts or crossbars or anything so I was wondering how you don’t fall off the ride!

Dan with Splash Mountain

Dan with Splash Mountain. It’s not as high as the one in Disney but the animatronics in it are still amazing.

Splash Mountain ride picture

Our Splash Mountain ride picture. The first ever picture of me on Splash Mountain where somebody isn’t blocking my face!

In addition to our favourites, we tried rides that are at Disneyland but not Disney World, like the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. This ride is more for kids but we wanted to get out of the sun and also sit down.

Dan on the Finding Nemo ride

Dan on the Finding Nemo ride

For dinner that night we had reservations at the Blue Bayou. I had heard it had the best atmosphere of any restaurant in Disneyland and I think they were right! The Pirates of the Caribbean ride goes past it, which is also really cool. As we waited for our table there was an older couple there celebrating their 30th anniversary. I heard them ask for a nicer table when they went in.

waiting for our table

We passed the time while waiting for our table at the Blue Bayou.

the Blue Bayou restaurant

The Blue Bayou Restaurant. They had the best atmosphere in a Disney restaurant that I’ve ever been to!

When we were seated the waiter said “Welcome to the Blue Bayou! As you can see it’s a nice blue colour this evening.” Or something like that. For the rest of the night anytime he seated someone we heard him say “Welcome to the Blue Bayou.” in the exact same way every time. We loved it!

Blue Bayou

Us at The Blue Bayou enjoying the ambience.

For our drinks we ordered some sort of fruit punch with special collector’s cups and light up hook and light up tinkerbell straws. The waiter told us those cups were for kids and asked if we wanted regular adult cups and we said no. I wanted the light up cups! The food was all cajun inspired. We both got the surf and turf.

Our food and our special glowing collectors cups

Our food and our special glowing collectors cups!

In all we had a nice dinner with an amazing atmosphere. The day at Disneyland was a lot of fun and it ended too quickly. The next day we headed out as the sun was rising.

Sunrise and palm trees on our last morning

The sunrise was beautiful on our last morning in Disney.

And for good measure, here’s a picture of some of the souvenirs we bought.

souvenir mugs

Our souvenir mugs. Mine is the one that says “I hate mornings!” since I say that every morning.

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