Billy Bob Thornton takes offense to being called an actor on Q

I am an avid CBC Radio listener (everyday at work it is playing on my little radio on my desk).  Q is one of my favourite radio shows and I absolutely adore host Jian Ghomeshi (I know, I’m a huge nerd)!  This morning I didn’t get to catch Q because we had our bi-weekly office meeting.  If I had the chance to listen to it I would have heard Billy Bob Thornton’s unprofessional fit on the show.  He was there promoting his band The Boxmasters and apparently took huge offense to Jian Ghomeshi’s introduction of the band when he mentioned Billy Bob Thornton’s acting and screenwriting career.

All I have to say is wow.  Now Perez Hilton has picked it up.  Some people in the comments seem to think that Jian Ghomeshi baited him, but I disagree.  Having listened to his show for a long time now there was nothing different or unusual about the style of the introduction, the line of questioning or his tone of voice.  If anything, I think he demonstrated true grace under fire when he asked Billy Bob Thornton point blank about his hostility, explained why he mentioned his acting and screen writing career in the introduction and asked to call a truce.  He also gave Thornton a way out if he didn’t want to stay in the interview.  Even after their truce Billy Bob continued to act like that.

Good job Jian Ghomeshi!

See the video below reposted from Q tv on YouTube

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