Thanksgiving, moving, elections and more!

Moving is so much work, I haven’t had a chance to blog for a very long time. So sad. We were finally able to move out of our friends, Jay and LIndsay’s place for October 1st (when we took possession of our new rental). It’s a cute little house (main floor, we have upstairs neighbours, nothing shared though besides our ceiling/their floor!), with beautiful hardwood floors. Very cute. The street outside is really narrow and hard to believe it’s a 2-way street when only 1 car can fit down it at a time. Winter will be interesting.

I’ve spent a lot of time at Walmart buying things for the house. We had no left over uni furniture (since it was all given away/destroyed ages ago) so we had to buy everything new. Basically it took us 2 weeks to move into our house and we still need things (i.e. our second bedroom/study is still devoid of furniture).

Meanwhile work has been extremely busy. I had a press announcement a few weeks ago and today helped organize an event for 400 kids. 2 of my co-workers did a LOT of work on this over the weekend (which is part of what made the event so successful in my opinion!). I’m exhausted.

I think things will calm down soon and I can resume blogging and maybe put some pictures up!

We’ll see…

Also I’d like to add, the election was completely ridiculous, although pretty entertaining. I did enjoy the debate somewhat, but mostly a lot of the satire on this years’ “leaders”. It was pretty terrible when I realized that I hated them all and found it hard to choose one.

Nice to see we spent $300 million only to have the same outcome, a Conservative minority government. I’m not a fan of Stephen Harper, but seriously, how did he slip up so much? Given who his opponents were… Personally, I think he got too cocky. Maybe next time he might want to consider doing some media interviews and not calling press conferences every time his opponents get slammed. Maybe next time he won’t try to lock a candidate out of the debate (“I won’t go if she’s going” seriously?!) and maybe he won’t have any puffins pooping on his opponent’s shoulder.

Also today Stephane Dion announced his impending resignation. I wasn’t in the country for the last liberal leader nomination (where he was elected the leader). I hope this one goes better than the last. It’s not that I don’t like him…they just need someone else.

End rant and off to bed!

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