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May Madness

Wow! Where did May go? The last month has been pretty busy and it looks like I have a summer full of adventures with good friends and good food ahead of me. The biggest news that I have from the month of May is that I took the plunge and signed up for my first … Continue reading

A year of running, food and travel

So it’s been a year since I last blogged. I know the two people who read this blog have probably missed me. 😉 I’ve been looking back on the last year and I have so many stories to share. There was lots of running (3 half marathons, 1 10k, 2 5ks, 2 obstacle runs (Warrior … Continue reading

We did it!

On Saturday I ran my first ever half marathon (and so did Dan), in the “happiest place on earth,” Walt Disney World! I’m so proud of us and everybody who ran with us (a lot of people from the Soo). Kristen and I ran the first 10 miles together. At around mile 10 my legs … Continue reading

Why we run

As I’ve mentioned before, I started running in the summer of 2010 and am currently training for my first half marathon.  In the last year, I’ve run (chipped-time) a 12 k, a 10 k, and a 5 k race/fun run, in that order.  Obviously I did things a little backward.  Running has been hard and … Continue reading