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Running in tutus – Inspiration and Glam Runner

By now most people have probably heard about the tutus. In fact, the tutus are probably old news. The Internet seemed to explode with disappointment and outrage at the end of March when SELF Magazine made fun of Monika Allen and Taramae Baize for running in tutus in the LA Marathon. Unknown to SELF Magazine, Monika Allen … Continue reading

Loss and Inspiration

On Thursday, I was saddened to learn of the death of Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke.  I’d been following the story closely since news of her training accident in Utah on Jan. 10.  While I don’t regularly follow skiing and had honestly never heard of her, something about her story struck a chord with me. … Continue reading

Why we run

As I’ve mentioned before, I started running in the summer of 2010 and am currently training for my first half marathon.  In the last year, I’ve run (chipped-time) a 12 k, a 10 k, and a 5 k race/fun run, in that order.  Obviously I did things a little backward.  Running has been hard and … Continue reading